Monday, April 23, 2012

What can I do to be a wiser woman today?

I have always considered the Bible as a guiding light, a special handbook, a gift  that God gave us to help us here on earth.
I read the Bible.
We read the Bible.
This is wonderful, because we brothers and sisters speak the same language and we can grow up as a worlwide community.

As I said we read The Word, but how can we make live It in our life?

Yes, we can memorize some verses. This is so useful and it's a blessing everytime we remember one verse or we share with others.
We can think about the meaning of them, deepening.

But those verses we read should make a mark inside our heart.

Everyday we should do something to really live the Gospel.
Even little things in everyday life.

So today what can I do to be a better christian today

This is my today list:
  • I will control my tongue: before saying something, I will reflect and ponder, because I don't want to hurt my neighbour.
  • If someone hurts me, I won't reply in an agressive way, but with kindness.
  • I will forgive if my neighbour hurts me and I will try to cancel my "human" resentment in my heart.
  • I will ask God to bless my enemies and to change them in friends.
  • I won't be selfish and I will focus on needs of people around me, family, friends, strangers. I will be ready to listen them. With my smile, my words and my silent prayer, I'll try to help.
  • I will thank God for being always there for us.
  • I will spend more time reading the Word today, so tomorrow I will be able to live It.
And you, what is in your heart for today?
What could you do to live the Gospel today?

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