Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do you truly desire God?

God is the beginning of everything.
God is the way.
God is the inspiration.
God is our life.
God is where love comes.
God is the Maker of everything good in life.
God is everlasting hope.
God is yesterday.
God is today.
God is forever.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Are you really a loving wife?

Do you know the famous quote "Behind a great man there is a great woman"?

I really don't like this quote in this way, so I would like to rephrase it:
"Behind a loving husband there is a loving wife".

Are you really a loving wife?

Sometimes life is full of tasks and our "to do" list is really full.
So we run and run all day without thinking, with the only idea to do it all!
Sometimes there are problems in family, maybe financial , health...
Our poor brains could explode! We can be so overwhelmed!
I can relate, every single word of this post is based on my personal experience.

And soon or later we could start to take for granted our husband without realizing and wanting  it.

Do you know that we could risk to became a self-centred wife?
Even if we love so much our husband.

Now the question is spontaneus.
Your husband? 
How could he feel? Alone, neglected, taken for granted?

If you are in a situation like this in your life, please, please, keep calm, stop for a minute.

You need to "reboot" your system.
This is not a wise way to live your life.
This is not marriage.

First, God is in control.

Second, God is the answer to the heaviness and the worries of life. He tells us to cast our burdens on Him because He cares for us. So you can fix every single problem.

Third, you have chosen to live your life with your husband, not to have just company, but to share the precious gift of life. So you can't take your husband out of your life.

He needs you too. 
He can feel overwhelmed too.

You love that man, you promised to stay with him every single day of your life, to share everything with him, bad and good days.
You can't leave him alone now thinking only about you.

11 Proverbs 31: 11-12
Husband depends on her,
and she never
lets him down.
12 She is good to him
every day of her life.

A husband must have the possibility to trust his wife too.

The only way in which a husband can be 100% sure of his wife and absolutely count on her, is the fact that she has God first in her life and she loves Him more than anyone else in the world . When Jesus is at the center of our lives, there is stability, calm, peace and mutual trust. When the husband finds his wife in this, the Bible says that he will never run out of anything. Why? Because while he's away from home, at work providing for his family, he knows that his wife is taking care of home, family and children. He rests in the heart because he knows that when he returns home, he will find a warm smile waiting for him, a big hug and a cozy home filled with love.

Much love,


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Homemade Natural Flax Seeds Hair Gel! Say NO to Silicons

Silicones are inorganic polymers, extremely versatile and very popular in the cosmetics. Tempted by the numerous "positive" characterisics
as water repellent, antistatic and ductile of silicones as well as their capacity for resistance to high temperatures, almost all cosmetic companies use them into their products. 

 The key feature of silicons is to make soft and silky texture of the products in which they are used and to give hair instantly more polished, smooth and pleasant to touch.

The effect is only apparent, however, and no company that uses them actually reveals the dark background of the use of these ingredients. 

Silicones are extremely harmful to skin and hair in the long term as they create a waterproof barrier that prevents perspiration and makes unnecessary the subsequent use of additional references. 

At first the barrier that is created protects the skin/hair from pollution and the elements. Over time, however, begin to arise negative consequences which now I try to explain.

The silicones are derived from the combination of silicon and petroleum substances. They are used almost everywhere, from anti-aging creams for the eye area, from baby products to hair products.

When used in hair products, silicons tend to cover completely your hair and prevent the passage of nutrients and moisturizers. At first your hair appear smooth, beautiful and "disciplined". In later times the hair starts to sag, to dry up considerably and is "burned" and lacking in luster. 

The hair will get dirty quickly, seem ruined after a few months and will be irreparably compromised.

This is the experience I had with my hair.
I don't use shampoo or conditioner with silicons, I always pay attention to the ingredientes when I buy something.

My problem is that I have curly hair that are very difficult to "control", so after washing, before using my hairdryer I HAVE TO USE A PRODUCT THAT HELP TO HAVE A MORE "DISCIPLINED SITUATION".

In particular I have always used hair gel, but in this period my hair was very very ugly, so after some research I understood that my problem was the silicon inside the hair gel. I have tried to buy some hair gel without silicons, but nothing worked with my hair and these products were so expensive!

So after some research, with a lot of pleasure I have created my HOMEMADE HAIR GEL! 
It's great homemade hair product that provide great hold without chemicals and a wonderful softness. 


What you need:
- Flax seeds (2/3 cups)
- Roibos tea (1 bag)
- Bay leaves (2)
- Rosemary
- Sea Salt (a pinch)
- Honey (1 teasppon)
- Fresh lemon juice (1-2 teaspoons)
- Water (3 cups)
- Essential oil (free choice)


Step 1: Boil for 10 minutes in a pot your water, roiboos bag , bay leaves and rosemary.

Step 2: when after 10 minutes you have this, turn off the flame and let cool down.

Step 3: filter your infusion and measure 2 cups of liquid  2 2/3 cup of flax seeds.
Step 4: put the seed in a pan, pour your infusion and cover with a lid. Let rest for 10 minutes.
Step 5: cook without lid for 10 minutes (no more!) ; you will see that your infusion has become gelatinous.
Aggiungi didascalia
Step 6: filter what you have using a strainer, add  a pinch of salt,  the lemon juice and honey. If you want you can add one of your favorite essential oil, just 1-2 drops.
And you're done! Wait 15 minutes and your gel is ready to use.
I recommend to keep your gel in the dridge while you are not using, because there are no preservatives.

Since I use this homemade gel my hair looks wonderful, when my husband saw me for the first time after I used it, he said "Wow, what have you done to your hair, did you go to your hairstylist? You are beautiful".


Please let me know if this gel works fine with your hair!

If you have any question, I will be very happy to answer! Just ask!

Much love,

Wise-Woman-Builds Growing Home

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Does your blog really represent you?

I got a wonderful amazing flu! Here I am!
I have always said that even if I have problems of health, my immune system is very strong....yes....really....and I was serious too...

Gege, welcome in the Flu Land!
Ah! My stomach! 
So I'm here at home and I spend my days lazing on my sofĂ ...this is the best part of this :-)
An other advantage is that I'm getting a little slimmer. This could be the start of a great diet.

Anyway, I had time to think and I have found that my blog look was not good anymore for know.. we women sometimes have to change something, a new haircut, a shopping session, a new pair of shoes?

For me now it's the blog look. 
A blog should be something that represents you, so as you change, it changes.

A blog is something that talks about you, about your feeelings, impressions, thoughts, ideas, about your life.
To be true, this blog don't represent me completely.

Not because I'm false, but because I write in a language that I love, but it's different from mine, loved italian.
My language in my real life of everyday here is different!

There are times in which I would like to say a lot of things, but I don't know how..this is frustrating! :-)
Sometimes I have to avoid some topics, because I know that trying to write would be impossible.
My english is very simple and ungrammatical sometimes, I have to improve!

I think a 7 years old boy could write a sentence deeper than mine!
Reading again my posts gave me a sense of superficiality sometimes.

But it's ok! I'm not here to have a competion, to make "numbers".
I'm here to communicate!
I'm a little drop in this huge sea of wonferful people.

As I said, I'm here to communicate and I can't do that if I don't write in a correct way or if I don't know how
to write something or, even worse, if my heart is closed for the discouragement.

So, what are the rules to communicate in your blog?

1) Knowing the language you are writing with (JUST FOR ME)
2) Open your heart
3) Don't write to make numbers
4) Always think that a blog could be a logbook of your life, so reading it after some time, you will see 
yourself, the way you are changing and improving...BE YOU or you will lie to others and yourself in particular.
5) Enjoy and have a lot of fun writing! (this is the best rule)

Linking up today with these sweet sites:
Linking up today with these sweet sites:

With much love,
Gege, at the moment the italian girl with flu ;-)        

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Thursday, January 03, 2013

The first post of 2013! Asking your advice for me!

Hello my friends!

This is the first post of 2013!

First, I want to wish you a WONDERFUL, AMAZING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

How are you! I hope you all are fine! Are you having Holiday vacations?
We just have few days of vacation here, few days, but good days! We had very sweet moments with's not the quantity, but the quality! it's true!

My husband is working so much in this say the truth he had always worked a lot in his life, but specially now. If you read my previous post we are having financial problems at the moment. Scary!
So I'm trying to do my best to help him in his shop or searching informations...whatever comes in my mind! 
First I'm praying so much! but it's scary, believe me!
Also because I have some problems of health that don't allow me a normal job outside home and this is a little sad, because I would like to support my husband more,also bringing home some money in this moment. It would be wonderful. I think he would be relieved, also if I could manage also only the grocery bills!

This make me feel overwhelmed and I feel like my hands are tied!

This is the reason why I'm not writing here often as I would like to do!

At first (and sometimes happens still now) I was in a state of panic.
But I prayed, I asked God what I can do with all my heart.
I asked for an advice as you ask a friend.

One night I said to my self: " Ok, now please don't panic! Don't panic! What can I do to improve the situation?"

I started to say, ok, you can't work outside home, but your brain works. I have always been an hard worker. Since my brain is ok, I can use it. 

So I thought maybe I could find a way to work from home using my pc.
I spent days and days searching for something.
I have discovered that here in Italy it's almost impossible, because if you find someone that offers you a job, it's a swindle, because they can also ask you money to work for them at the beginning!
Or I have read about people that have worked without being paid!

I went on with my research.

Then I look better the community of housewives to which I belong here on the internet.
I have seen that there are wonderful ladies that work from home with their blog, supporting their husband, but continuing to be housewives like me, because they consider our role as homemaker so important.

So I'm here to ask you an advice.

I have started this blog in April, it's not a lot of time, so I have still a lot of things to learn.
I opened this blog not to make money, I don't know nothing about.

So I'm here to ask you if you can help me. 

Where I can find some good informations? 
Where I have to start? 
Do you think it's possible for me to do something for my family? 

Maybe you know something or you have more experience in these things.
It would be wonderful if you could help me! 
Will you help me please?

I want to thank you in advance with all my heart!

You can leave me a message here in the comment box.
Or if you prefer I give you my other contacts here:


I wait for you with hope!
Thank you again!
With love,
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