Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello again dear friends!

Hello again everybody!
After all this time, after my long silence here I am again. I felt in my heart a big need to write here again.

The main cause of this temporary but long pause is my bad health.
My problems have come back or to explain better my situation, I have always those problems (I'm trying to solve them), but sometimes the involved pains become so strong and last for days and days without relief.
I am in this situation since 2010 and during this long period I have understood that I'm not so weak as I thought. 
Nevertheless my life has gone on, I have continued to live my life, to feel happy ,to smile,  to love family. to live with the biggest enthusiasm, to love God. In 2011 I married my wonderful and sweet husband, this is wonderful. And now I'm the happiest housewife in the world!
When I look my self in the mirror, now, I think...ok Gege, you are not perfect, you make mistakes, you have to find a way to live better, but I say: nevertheless Good job girl! You are strong.

But sometimes when my pains are acute, I just stop breathing, I feel stuck. 
I can't breathe, it's hard my friends. If I have luck the day after I'm quite ok and my life goes on again quite normally, but in this long period I wasn't so lucky.
I wasn't free to live my life. 
It's difficult for me to explain this in english (I'm italian) but I try. When I have moments in which I feel better and my pain becomes tolerable,  I feel just like a person that has woken up after a long period of coma. It's like  being in a long sleep, you know, and when you wake up you feel so strange!

This is one of the reason why I wasn't able to write here, I had really a block because in every moment I felt better, I have used all my energy to start living again. 
Did you remember some video games, in which there is the fighter hero that tries to win his battle? Sometimes he loses strenght and may lose, but later on the road he finds something that can give him his strenght  and energy again, and when this happens he gets up and continues his battle!
This is my situation.

In addition to this, my parents had severe problems of health this summer. 
But God has protected them and I know He's in control. My family is everything for me.

In addition to this again, we are having a big economical difficulty. Here in Italy there is an economical crisis, so my husband's shop is struggling, we really don't have money anymore. Our parents are helping us. We have a lot of debts with the suppliers, that we are paying as soon we can. We have a "bank emergency" almost every week.
We spent all this summer working, I have helped him with cost accounting.
My husband is so sweet and he works so hard, I'm here to help him with all my heart. We are a team and we have to solve this situation together. I know God will help us!

So dear friend, here is my situation.
But I'm always Gege, an happy italian girl, the happy italian housewife you have known here at the beginning of this blog. I'm still a crazy bungler cook that tries always a new recipe! I see our future with hope, I always hope to be a mother one day...

Every single happy moment.
A kiss from my husband.
The smile of my family.

These things make me go on.

Real Faith in God is going on, acting on His teachings, not knowing beforehand what the immediate results might be, but knowing that God's principles are true and believing that blessings and happiness will follow.

When you are under the storm, don't think about what you are missing, think aboute the things you have.
Those things are precious and will help you to solve the situation.

With love,


ps. If you need encouragement, please read here ! 

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