Friday, May 04, 2012

What to do when a husband had a bad day at work?

What to do when a husband had a very bad day at work?

1) Pray, pray, pray for him. 
2) Support him with all your heart.
3) Listen him.
4) Try to bring him peace.
5) Do something to confort and relieve from his trouble.
6) Tell him you love him and that you are proud of him (I am!)

So I decided to do something special for dinner.
This thing I have written now could be considered silly or superficial.
Ok, you could say...Gege, when you have a problem, a good dinner is not enough to solve or change the situation.

But a good dinner is a metaphor.

When you have problems in your life, it can be hard. You think about your problem over and over again, night and day. And believe me, it's true. I know.
Maybe you feel that you have your back to the wall.
Maybe you think you don't have any way out.

What can you do in a situation like this?
Is there something that can make you feel better?

Yes, there is something.

First, God knows and is watching you.
Second, the love of your family.

Outside you can live in a terrible jungle, but when you come home, you close the door at your back.
Close your eyes.
You are in an other world.
You are like in Heaven.
Just breathe and thank the Lord.

Open your eyes's all ok.
You're at home.

Ok, your problem is still here, but now as you start walking heavily, someone of your family is coming to greet you with love.
Suddenly your heart gets warm, you feel relieved.
I know this sensation. 

You know that someone was waiting for you.
For you.
You know that it's doesn't matter what happened before, you have a huge quantity of unconditional love, all for you.

Isn't this sensation wonderful and priceless?
I think you are feeling better.
I do.

I have read in this book and others that our husbands are our Protector and Provider, so it's clear that they have a lot of responsibilities.

So, with all these responsibilities, don't you think that you could feel overwhelmed?
I think yes.

If a husband comes home after a hard working day or with a problem, maybe with a sad and afflicted face, doesn't he deserve to feel these sensation too?

Believe me, if he comes home and finds his wife, love, help meet there, with a smile that says "I'm here for you", a peaceful, clean home, a sweet smell of cozy and good dinner, if he comes home knowing that he's in his safe harbor, where is understood and loved, it doens't matter what has happened outside.
Now he's at home.
That counts.

Tomorrow is an other day.
Tomorrow he will go out and win his war.
He's not alone.

Love is energy.
Love is invincible.
Love is all we need.

Much love,


  1. Gege- I love this! There have been some times that my husband comes in burnt out and needs comfort. All your tips are amazing! Great great post!!!

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! There have been plenty of times I've missed showing my husband love when he comes in from a rough day just because I was busy with other things. I'm sure he does feel so much better though when I do give him that positive attention!!

  3. Thank you so much girls!!!!

  4. Yes, you are right. My husband says that coming home is like walking into a different world. It is his peaceful haven from the rest of life.

  5. Wonderful Post! It is so important to pray for and treat your hubby well. Home can be a heaven on earth, if you make it-and so can a marriage. Thank you for the Tips!!

    1. "It is so important to pray for and treat your hubby well. Home can be a heaven on earth, if you make it-and so can a marriage" Well said!!! I agree!!!

  6. I just love your blog and your heart that just shines through your writing! I feel so glad I stumbled across you yesterday!:)

    1. Colleen, Thank you sooo much for your kind words!!!! I really appreciate!!!


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