Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello Everybody!
This is the first post of this blog!
I'd like to say a lot of things, but I still have some problems with my english, that I'm trying to improve.  15 years ago I was a perfect English speaker, but I haven't used it a lot after school, so I'm forgetting it! 
So, Please, forgive my grammatical errors (I have the feeling my errors will be so numerous, but I have faith..).

Here I will talk about my new life as a wife, one year ago I married my sweet best friend, my love.

"A loving marriage is the foundation of a happy family and a happy family the foundation of a stable society. Most of the problems in this world stem from troubled home. If we are to have peace in the world, we must begin at home." - Helen Andelin

If you are thinking about how to do it, it's simple, we have the best guidebook at our disposal , The Bible!
We women, wives, mothers, daughters must bring to light again our biblical role in this troubled world.

In this blog I would like to encourage you to do this.

Thank you much for visiting!


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