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Homemade Natural Flax Seeds Hair Gel! Say NO to Silicons

Silicones are inorganic polymers, extremely versatile and very popular in the cosmetics. Tempted by the numerous "positive" characterisics
as water repellent, antistatic and ductile of silicones as well as their capacity for resistance to high temperatures, almost all cosmetic companies use them into their products. 

 The key feature of silicons is to make soft and silky texture of the products in which they are used and to give hair instantly more polished, smooth and pleasant to touch.

The effect is only apparent, however, and no company that uses them actually reveals the dark background of the use of these ingredients. 

Silicones are extremely harmful to skin and hair in the long term as they create a waterproof barrier that prevents perspiration and makes unnecessary the subsequent use of additional references. 

At first the barrier that is created protects the skin/hair from pollution and the elements. Over time, however, begin to arise negative consequences which now I try to explain.

The silicones are derived from the combination of silicon and petroleum substances. They are used almost everywhere, from anti-aging creams for the eye area, from baby products to hair products.

When used in hair products, silicons tend to cover completely your hair and prevent the passage of nutrients and moisturizers. At first your hair appear smooth, beautiful and "disciplined". In later times the hair starts to sag, to dry up considerably and is "burned" and lacking in luster. 

The hair will get dirty quickly, seem ruined after a few months and will be irreparably compromised.

This is the experience I had with my hair.
I don't use shampoo or conditioner with silicons, I always pay attention to the ingredientes when I buy something.

My problem is that I have curly hair that are very difficult to "control", so after washing, before using my hairdryer I HAVE TO USE A PRODUCT THAT HELP TO HAVE A MORE "DISCIPLINED SITUATION".

In particular I have always used hair gel, but in this period my hair was very very ugly, so after some research I understood that my problem was the silicon inside the hair gel. I have tried to buy some hair gel without silicons, but nothing worked with my hair and these products were so expensive!

So after some research, with a lot of pleasure I have created my HOMEMADE HAIR GEL! 
It's great homemade hair product that provide great hold without chemicals and a wonderful softness. 


What you need:
- Flax seeds (2/3 cups)
- Roibos tea (1 bag)
- Bay leaves (2)
- Rosemary
- Sea Salt (a pinch)
- Honey (1 teasppon)
- Fresh lemon juice (1-2 teaspoons)
- Water (3 cups)
- Essential oil (free choice)


Step 1: Boil for 10 minutes in a pot your water, roiboos bag , bay leaves and rosemary.

Step 2: when after 10 minutes you have this, turn off the flame and let cool down.

Step 3: filter your infusion and measure 2 cups of liquid  2 2/3 cup of flax seeds.
Step 4: put the seed in a pan, pour your infusion and cover with a lid. Let rest for 10 minutes.
Step 5: cook without lid for 10 minutes (no more!) ; you will see that your infusion has become gelatinous.
Aggiungi didascalia
Step 6: filter what you have using a strainer, add  a pinch of salt,  the lemon juice and honey. If you want you can add one of your favorite essential oil, just 1-2 drops.
And you're done! Wait 15 minutes and your gel is ready to use.
I recommend to keep your gel in the dridge while you are not using, because there are no preservatives.

Since I use this homemade gel my hair looks wonderful, when my husband saw me for the first time after I used it, he said "Wow, what have you done to your hair, did you go to your hairstylist? You are beautiful".


Please let me know if this gel works fine with your hair!

If you have any question, I will be very happy to answer! Just ask!

Much love,

Wise-Woman-Builds Growing Home


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