Friday, June 29, 2012

A sociological research has described italian men..

In these days I have seen a program on Tv that talked about the way italian men relate and behave with women. The speaker said that from a sociological research italian men can be classify in three categories:

1) Bamboccioni
2) Rubacuori
3) Hermit

For the first and the second category I have used the italian words because they are italian hackneyed phrases so they can't be translated literally, so now I will explain their meanings.

1) Bamboccioni is a category of men who never grew up, in the sense that they feel so good and comforted if they continue to live at home with family, cuddled and pampered by mothers, that treat them like a little boy, even if they are 40 years old. Men belonging to this category need and search for a woman that can substitute their mother figure and they are not brilliant and strong, infact they need to be pushed around by their wives, just like their mother did with them. They think to be ok in this way.

2) A Rubacuore is a seducer, a womanizer that adulates and wins women's heart. Often they have more than a women in their life and they don't want long relationships, but they are interested in one night stand. They consider women like a trophy to show to their friends.

3) A hermit is a solitary, shy and introvert man who prefers staying alone because a woman could bother and trouble their quiet and serenity. If they have a woman, she must be very very very quiet.

Ok, now my impressions.

I think that you can't generalize men in this way. 
I really believe that there are a lot of godly and wonderful men outside.
I'm not a feminist, the last thing I will do is attack and belittle men. 
It would be too superficial and expectable.

I think there are a lot of men that would like to find the ideal woman to stay with for all their life. Men have a big heart too and even if, sometimes they act to have a hard heart with friends and they boast about being single and indipendent, they instead dream to have a sweet wife and a wonderful family that wait for them when they come back home from work.

But I surely can say that men like these categories really exsist.

The fact that this speaker told things like these about men is really a strong sign that there isn't any christian and biblical culture here.
There is confusion and chaos about our role and tasks as men and women.

What kind of world are we living in?
I feel so overwhelmed about this!

The second and the third categories are to the extreme, they are totally in opposition! Rubacuori is too confident and without a heart while the Hermit is too shy and insicure and he doesn't live deeply, but he wastes his life..alone.

The category that hit me a lot is the Bamboccioni's one.
I have made a little research about this on Internet. I have been really surprised by the huge number of women that are complaining everyday because their men act like bamboccioni.
Really a huge number.

So I had a sea of confusion in my head!
I asked why do women complain for their pliable and compliant men? 
Feminists fought hard to be the strongest sex, they wanted to be stronger than men. And I think that they sadly won their battle. 
So why? You won and now you are complaining for your men?

A woman said about this: "This thing of Bamboccioni men is worring for me! I don't feel safe and protected anymore in men's world..I think I'll go to women's world, because they have become the strongest now.."


So...this is the demonstration that Feminists were wrong...maybe now they are understanding that they need a strong man in their life. 
The charme of comanding is not so beautiful as you I wrong?

I don't think so...

Who is to blame for this? 
Who is responsible for this?

We women.

Who has raised and formed these men?
These women gave a really bad education to their sons. They didn't form them to be a future leader, the father of a family. In Italy we say that they grow up like a "Cocco di mamma" that is mollycoddle (I hope this is the correct word to translate!..please let me know if I have used a strange or bad word!).

These women, without realizing (or willfully...), have passed their life to command and "protect" their sons, always thinking to be right. They love so much their sons, so they must be protected and controlled by them, always, so if they do what mom says, they will be safe and sound. Even if they are 40 years old and they have a family and children.
They are so jealous too of their sons...they can be terrible mothers in law...and believe me..I know. They consider their daughter in law an enemy, even if these young bride are good and sweet women.
And these man can be between the devil and the deep blue see.

It's normal that a mother loves her son, it's normal to protect a son, but this is not the way of raising him.
This is a selfish way.
This is an agressive way.
Agressiveness is a synonym of weakness.
You are weak so you are agressive to protect yourself, because you know that you don't have any strong and valuable reality.

I'm not a mother yet, so if you aks me now how to raise a son, I don't know yet with precision, but I know what I won't do. I won't be agressive, selfish, ignorant. I won't be alone. I will be inspired by God, helped by my husband, family and the elder women (the wise ones.... ;-)  ).

In these days I'm reading this wonderful and powerful book, I have called it "Our second bible". I encourage you to read it, it's a blessing and a breathe of fresh airs:

heart of simplicity ebook
Click here to view more details

I was really touched reading these powerful sentences that are perfect here in this topic :

"As keepers of our homes, we have a unique opportunity to make a generational impact, both within and outside the walls of our homes.
As wives and mothers, our impact is greater than even we will ever

So a mother and a wife too have a really big and important responsibility.
Mothers raises the men of the future. Every single mother is important for this reason. I think you love your son and you would like that he can live in a beautiful and better world. So you can do something, you can do your part.

It's up to you.


Friday, June 15, 2012

PEPERONATA (A simple but delicious recipe with peppers)

Hello Everybody,

you know that I'm having some problems of health in these days, it's really hard but I want to go on and I don't want to feel overwhelmed. I want to be my self,  life is too precious an my little family too.
So I take a deep breath and I tell to my self...Let's go on Gege. Let's rock! If God is for us, who can be against us? 

So today I will share with you this typical italian recipe, that is really good! 
We love it and eat very often! 
It's so easy and simple! You can do it in 25 minutes! 


If you are Italian, you know this recipe.
If you are not Italian, you have to try will feel a little Italian too! :-)
This recipe makes me think really about italian "dolce vita". It makes me think about my family, this is a recipe that we do when we have family dinner together during summer. 

So here you have the ingredients:

  • peppers
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • bay leaves
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


Step 1:  wash your peppers, tomatoes and garlic.

Step 2: chop the peppers and tomatoes.

You will have this

Step 3: put everything in a big skillet, add salt, bay leaves and some extra virgin olive oil.

Step 4: mix well, cover with a lid and cook. Mix every two minutes and add  a little bit of water in  the skillet  if you see  that the peppers are too dry.

Step 5: when you see the "cream" in your skillet and the peppers and tomatoes are tender, you are almost done!  Mix well again, wait a minute and....

Enjoy it!


To enjoy at most this recipe, I suggest to eat your Peperonata with  some good bread,  better if it's homemade!


Much love,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Praise you in this storm!

Hello Everyone,

In these days I'm not posting as I would like to do. I'm not writing what I would like to write.
It's not a writer's block, it's not this.

In these days my problems of health are pressing me again, so much, that I feel my back at the wall again.
Suddenly "they" come back again to stop my life. I can't breathe or think with this pain.
It's an earthquake. An other earthquake.

I'm just praying God to help me, I'm not asking God to give me the strenght to carry on, I'm asking God to heal me right now, because I know that I'm too tired and I don't have strenght anymore.
I pray, I pray and I pray. I want my life back. I want my life back.

Saying "God is good" is easy when you don't have any problems, when every thing is ok or when a problem is not so important.
But What when you are walking in a earthquake? Do you think you can say a thing like that when you are in pains?

Honestly for me it's really difficult at the moment, because I'm suffering since a lot of time and I'm waiting to be healed.
God knows how many years have passed with this problem for me.
I'm starting to be scared. What next? I'm sick and tired to see me in this situation and to make suffer my family too, because they are so sad for me.

I said, God, do you know I'm here? Why I'm in this situation? You know that I worked hard to heal, what do I have to do more? Now only You can do something. 
They say you have a plan for us, is this your plan for me?

This morning, in my quiet time with the Lord, reading my Bible, I had a little light in my head. Very little, but a light.

A voice inside of me told me, be still, this is not the end. I won't leave you in this trouble alone.I know that you are scared, but don't let your pain destroy your life. 
You need to rest a little, but don't forget who you are, don't forget that your family loves you and needs you.
You are a daughter and wife first.
Be still.

Maybe you will have bad days, but you must be always yourself, don't be overcome and overwhelmed by panic and fear.
Be still.

Rest a little when you suffer too much, but when you feel better, get up and go on with your life. 
Don't let the pain destroy your smile.

For me helping others when they have problems is easy, it comes natural to me.
Even if I suffer for my pain, I always find a big strenght to get up and make something for them. I feel so strong when I have to help others, this is the power of love.
But when the person who is suffering is me it's different, because I loose my lucidity because I'm scared. I think it's quite normal.

But it's here that we are called to be christians more than ever, here we can see if we love God for the good things he does for us or if we love Him in Himself with an unconditional love.

If you love someone just because he/she makes you feel good and spend only beautiful moments, what will you do if he/she can't do beautiful things for you for a moment? Will you stop to love him/her? I don't think so.

If you do this, it's not real love.

The same with God. We can't praise Him just when things are ok, but always.

" I'll praise you in this storm and I will lift my hands
For you are what you are no matter when I am
An every tear I cry You hold in Your hand
You never left my side and though my heart is torn
I will praise you in this storm
and though my heart is torn
I will praise you in this storm",

We are humans, we can fall, we can lack confidence in God sometimes, He knows.

We must have faith, just faith. There is nothing to do in this situation, you need to have faith.

Real Faith in God is going on, acting on His teachings, not knowing beforehand what the immediate results might be, but knowing that God's principles are true and believing that blessings and happiness will follow.



Thursday, June 07, 2012

ORECCHIETTE CON POMODORO FRESCO E RUCOLA (Orecchiette with fresh tomato sauce and rocket)

One of my passion is travelling, so in my life I have travelled a lot with my family! I love visiting always new places, not for the place in its self or to take photos and photos near monuments, but to see how people live in those places. Speaking of food, I'm not the typical italian tourist, who arrives in a area that is in the opposite part of the world and goes to the first italian restaurant he finds!
I always choose the most most typical restaurant of that area! To do this, I always ask the local people to suggest me a good place to go, but, if I forget to specify what kind of place I'd like to go and I tell that I'm Italian they always suggest me an Italian restaurant and they tell me that in that place I will find the best pasta dish of the town.
It happens! Always!

So I have understood that the most famous dish about Italian food is pasta!
It is! It's true! We Italians just can't live without pasta. We eat it everyday! 

So today I'd like to share with you my favourite pasta summer recipe! 
This recipe is SPECIAL AND PERFECT using fresh pasta like orecchiette, but you can do it with all kind of pasta, fresh or not.

ORECCHIETTE CON POMODORO FRESCO E RUCOLA (Orecchiette with fresh tomato sauce and rocket)

Orecchiette are also known as Ricchitell, this is its dialect word. They are typical of Puglia Region, that is in the south of Italy.

Rucola (Rocket) is a wonderful plant with a piquancy taste, a gift from God for us with a lot of healthy properties:
  1. It's useful to depurate and tone up the body (wonderful to win the summer heat).
  2. It's digestive.
  3. It's diuretic.
  4. It's full of vitamine C.
  5. It whets the appetite.
Now I'll show you the recipe with a photo tutorial!

  • orecchiette
  • fresh tomatoes
  • rocket
  • garlic
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • Parmesan cheese           

Step 1: wash the tomatoes.

Step 2: Chop the tomatoes and put all in a big skillet adding also the garlic, salt and some extra virgin olive oil.

Step 3: Cover the skillet with a lid and cook with a medium flame.

Step 4: while you are cooking tomatoes,  wash the rocket in fresh water.

Step 5 : divide the stalks from the leaves. Please keep only the leaves and throw the stalks.

Step 6: when the tomatoes are pretty cooked, put the rocket in the skillet and go along with the cooking.
You will have this.
Step 7: boil a lot of water in a soup pot, add salt...
...and, as we say, "Cala la pasta" that is cook the pasta.

Step 8: after 3-4 minutes, drain the pasta; here I have used fresh pasta, so  its cooking time is really short. Just in case, taste the cooking point.
Step 9: put the orecchiette in the skillet, add Parmisan cheese, mix well and cook for 1-2 minutes.
Buon appetito!!

Friday, June 01, 2012


Hello Everybody! Happy Friday! 

I have always had a lot of problems in cooking dishes with fish! I always thought it was too difficult for me, I don't know why! Infact my fish recipes weren't so good!! But I love eating fish and my husband too!
So I have decided to take a little homemaker challenge! I said: I have to learn making dishes with fish!!!
My mom suggested me to start with simple recipes to to get aquainted with it

With God all is possible, also little things like this.
I strongly believe this, every little things we do are to glorify Him, even the less important, because if you try to be better everyday, to learn always new things, to do something to please your husband and family, you can grow up and live a richer life.

So I decide to start with a very simple recipe and today I'm so happy to share it with you.


  • squid rings
  • onion
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • salt
  • dill
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • bread crumbs
Here we have the squid rings!

 How to do this recipe with a photo tutorial:

Step 1: wash the squid rings with fresh water.

Step 2: put the squid rings in a mixing bowl.

Step 3: chop the parsley.

Step 4: chop the onion and garlic together. 

Step 5: add in your mixing bowl the garlic, onion, parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of dill.

Step 6: mix well and cover with cellophane and put all in the fridge to marinade for  1 hour.

Step 7: Grease a pan with extra virgin olive oil and turn on the oven  at 180 °C (356 °F)

Step 8: put the marinade on the pan and add bread crumbs.

You will have this.
Step 9: put the pan in the oven and bake for about 1 hour until you have....

Buon appetito!!!!!!

I hope you like this recipe! 
If you will make it, please let me know!!!

And what is your little challenge today?

Much love,

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