Thursday, May 10, 2012

A message from God for you!

Sometimes I'm used to open my Bible and to choose randomly a page to read.
I do this because I ask God: "Please, tell me something you think I should know", as I talk to a friend..and you know that God is our BEST FRIEND!
So this morning I found this:

1 Kings 3:9-13

Please give your servant a discerning mind in order to govern your people and to distinguish good from evil, because no one is able to govern this important people of yours without your help.”
10 It pleased the Lord that Solomon had made this request. 11 God said to him, “Because you have asked for this instead of requesting long life, wealth, or victory over your enemies—asking for discernment so as to acquire good judgment— 12 I will now do just what you said. Look, I hereby give you a wise and understanding mind. There has been no one like you before now, nor will there be anyone like you afterward. 13 I now also give you what you didn’t ask for: wealth and fame. There won’t be a king like you as long as you live.

When I read these verses, that have been found randomly, I close my eyes a moment and then I try to find the message.

So I take a piece of paper and a pencil, then I start to write..
  1. Sololom made a very wise request: he is not selfish, he doesn't think just about himself, but he wants to help other people! Infact he doesn't ask anything for him.
  2. He says "to govern your people": we all belong to the Lord! What a blessing!!!!
  3. God really likes Solomon's request, he says "I want to give you what you ask for!". God listens our prayers and He wants to help us.Always.
  4. He loves us! He, just like a father, wants us to be wise, not selfish. Really like a father, when we try to have a good way of behaving, he reward us with a lot of blessings! Infact He says that he will give Solomons a lot of wonderful things, that weren't object of his request! God is so generous! He wants an abundant life for us.
  5. Solomon made a specific request: don't say "please God help me!". Instead, ask God to help you in what is in your heart, please describe in detail your problem. He will listen! We must be at God's disposal to receive what he wants to give us. But to to this, we have to show God what is in our heart, what we think, our troubles. If you go to your friend because you have a problem, if you tell him/her "please help me!", your friend surely will ask you what is your problem and what he/she can do for you. So God is your best friend and he wants to know in detail you and your problem.
I thank God today for this message.
It's a precious gift!

So did you receive your message from God today?


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